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  • Trademark Consultation;

  • Trademark inquiries, Trademark monitoring and issuance of monitoring reports;

  • Trademark registration;

  • Applying for a foreign trademark through Madrid or the country;

  • Filing of a trademark licensing contract;

  • Trademark change; Trademark renewal;

  • Trademark transfer;

  • Trademark objection;

  • The trademark review and adjudication.

  • We are especially good at dealing with all kinds of difficult cases.

Trademark appraisal cases:
Trademark No.: 27887724.
Z-standard IPR represented OCTAVIA YANG LTD and filed a request for review on the rejection of No. 2788724 trademark "OYANG" by the Trademark Office, and successfully registered after the review by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board.

Trademark No.:21648345, 8569295 and 8569322. 
Z-standard IPR represented Hangzhou Taolive E-commerce Co., Ltd. to respond Alibaba Group’s objection to the "TAOLIVE" trademark registered in Class 18, Class 24 andClass 28, and won the case.

Trademark No.: 11300277. 
Z-standard IPR represented Zhu Jianto respondthe objection by Apple’s subsidiary BEATS ELECTRONICS, LLC. to the "FUTURE BEATS" trademark registered in Class 25, and won the case.

Trademark No.: 17465861. 
Z-standard, a well-known British yoga mat company, and won the review ofrejected application of LOGO similar to Lexus icon issued by the Trademark Office for Class 28.

Trademark No.: 9698139, 9362130, 9427338 and 9869622.
Z-standard IPRrepresented Zhejiang Xinhua Bookstore Group Co., Ltd. in response to the rush registrationof trademark "Bookuu + BOOKOO BOOKSTORE"in Class 16, Class 35, Class 41 and Class 42 byFrench GMXY Fashion Co., Ltd.

Trademark No.: 21648345.
Z-standard IPR represented Hangzhou Quchuang Business Co., Ltd., and won the case of "JEEBUU" trademark registered in Class 8 against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (USA).

Trademark registration certificate: 15123039 and others.

Trademark rejection review: no. 0000122822.

Trademark revocation request: no. W000843

International trademark registration certificate: G1185874S.

Certificate of transfer of trademarks: 6872094 and others.

Us trademark registration certificate,by USPTO

French trademark registration certificate, by INPI

German trademark certificate: no. 302017221123.

British trademark certificate: no. 3241322.

Eu trademark certificate: no. 016773061.

South Korean trademark certificate: no. 401259084

Japanese trademark registration certificate: no. 5918785.

Certificate of Hong Kong trademark registration: no. 303745080.

Philippine trademark registration certificate no. 00503135.

Eu trademark certificate: no. 016112393.

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